Cosplay, or costume development, is another creative route I pursue. I'm not nearly as focused on costumes as much as I am in film, but it's worth a mention.

I attend a variety of conventions, from Emerald City Comic Con, Dragon Con, PaxPrime/West, Rose City Comic Con, even Magic City Comic Con. Each con has its own fun theme, full of new people to meet and new costumes to see.

After seeing countless breath taking costumes at these conventions, it was time I started making my own costumes. Some of these costumes were made for film, others for conventions. Either way, they're a ton of fun to make and to wear.

Techno Turian

Mass Effect 2 - Game

Ridley 0138 and D2

DRONE - Original Robot Movie

Hollow Knight Ghost

Hollow Knight - Game

Josuke Higashikata

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Part 4 Anime

Leon Powalski (Human)

Star Fox - Game

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